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I decided to check the ol' LJ to see if it was still active... it is.

Haven't written on this thing in who knows when.

Had a bad day today.

I can't even explain it in words. Just bad. Not like someone dying bad, but bad.

Completely OUT OF IT.
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Ahhhh Katy!!! I never use my lj either...and I'm checking it today...and you're here!!! Hahahaahah.

I'm sorry you had a bad day again. If it's worth anything...the genital herpes thing really made me laugh. :) And the car door thing. And that stupid asshole banging on the back window. Haha.

We should hang out soon! And you should start feeling better! Don't stress about school...the work will get done...and we only have another week left...

Woo! ;)